Anti Ballistic Security Doorset

Designed to protect people from hostile attack. Built for long lasting service and certified to BS1523: using FB6 threat in BS1522.

Available as a single leaf solution and with a variety of locking options. We can also finish the door to match the building doors and decor.

The “Grimsby” Security Doorset

A unique product giving Blast, Ballistic. Physical Attack and Fire resistance.

Incorporating a high-security mortice lock solution and with a variety of options.

  • Blast Protection meets UK Government “Protected Spaces” standard C15
  • Ballistic Rating Certified to BS1523: using FB6 threat in BS1522
  • Tested by UK Gov
  • Fire Certified to FD30

The CBM Mobile Safe Keep

A high specification 20ft ISO shipping container Safe Keep that has been developed to provide Ballistic resistance in a mobile solution.

Our solution can be tailored to meet your needs and here’s some examples of what we can incorporate:-

  • Stand-alone diesel generator
  • Biological & Chemical attack air filtration
  • Anti-ballistic security doorset to entrance
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Bunk accommodation
  • Office facilities

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.